Verruca Treatments

I have a number of different treatments available for dealing with verrucas & warts. The treatments available will be discussed at the first consultation & the best treatment procedure will then be chosen for each individual. A short description of each type of treatment is listed below, more in depth details will be discussed in the clinic.

Strong acids (70% Salicylic acid & Monochloroacetic acid) which are very effective but can be a little uncomfortable when applied, treatment course is usually an average of 6 treatments. Benefits -  cheapest form of treatment, good success rate.

Needling technique, this involves the use of local anaesthetics to numb the foot & then the use of a needle to puncture the verruca, this works best on mosaic verrucas (multiple cluster verrucas). The benefits of this treatment is that it has a 75% success rate with only 1 treatment & 98% success with 3 treatments. Previous patients report little or no discomfort after treatment. 

Needling to finger/hand warts is also very effective, so far I have treated several patients for finger warts and had a 100% clear rate after just 1 treatment.

Nd-Yag Laser, high power laser to eradicate the verruca, can burn a little at the time of application, this treatment is often combined with some mild acid as well.

Cryo-therapy, this involves the use of liquid nitrogen gas which is finely sprayed onto the verruca to freeze it. Pros & cons, can be very uncomfortable when applied & cause blistering. Expensive treatment & 50/50 results. I do offer this treatment but find the other 2 much better & more cost effective for my patients.


2 pictures showing mosaic verrucas

before needling technique & 4 weeks after.

2 pictures showing multiple warts on a hand, total resolution 6 weeks after needling technique



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