Here at Monmouth Chiropody we have 2 laser systems, a Nd:YAG for fungal nail treatment (see fungal nail page) and a LLLT laser for healing. This page is for the LLLT laser treatments. 

Low Level Laser Therapy is used to treat various muscle, ligament and skin injuries. In this clinic it is mainly used to help treat the following conditions;

Plantar Fasciitis  (also known as heel spur, policeman's heel etc)

Achillies tendonitis

Soft tissue damage



Most treatments will involve a combination of other therapies such as Kinesio taping, orthotics etc to fully resolve the problem. 


Here we use the Omega XP Laser system for further details follow this link Omega laser website



What is Low Level Laser Therapy?
Low Level Laser therapy is also now known as PhotoBioModulation (PBM).

The therapeutic effects of PBM treatment were discovered by Endre Mester, a professor of surgery, who observed improved healing in tissue adjacent to his laser surgery but where only a low laser dose was received. His subsequent work provided the initial volume of evidence for the efficacy of laser in healing. 

Research has since shown the therapy to be dose dependent with effects which are bi-phasic in response but delivering appropriately low levels of light energy remains fundamental to achieving the desired biochemical effects. Low Level Laser Therapy equipment delivers the range of required light energy density with negligible thermal effect thus avoiding tissue damage through heat from excess power.