Fed up with Fungal Nails?

Tried all the home treatments with little or no success?

Highly effective treatment is now available with a combination of Nd-Yag high power laser and micro drill system.

There are a number of ways of treating fungal nails, most of them are fairly ineffective. A number of you will already have tried some of the many paints and solutions available from the pharmacies with little or no success. One of the other options is anti fungal tablets on prescription from your GP. These can work well, but come with some nasty side effects including possible liver function damage.

Here at Monmouth Podiatry we have an effective combination treatment with no pain and no side effects.

Treatments available

1. The infected part of the nails are reduced with a spray burr, this is completely pain free and not only removes the majority of the infection but improves the appearance of the nails.

2. Next we use a Nd-Yag laser to kill the fungal spores that remain. Some clinics only use laser treatment for fungal nails, whilst there is some success with laser alone it is quite difficult to eradicate the infection solely with laser. Patients will also have an anti fungal solution to take and use at home.

3. Footwear can also be treated with Sterishoe UVC light to kill off 99.9% of the fungal spores and bacteria that reside inside the footwear. Shoes can be cleansed at a cost of £2 per pair. It takes 45 minutes per pair to treat, so multiple pairs will need to be left with us and collected later.

Photos of nails treated in Monmouth chiropody




FN B1_edited
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Left are pictures of patient Mrs RP both big toes were completely taken over down to the root with the fungalinfection. The only option here was to do a nail removal with local anaesthetic and then wash out the root area with an anti fungal. This was followed up 10 weeks later with some laser treatment. Picture 2 shows the clear growth at 10 weeks, free of any fungal infection. The nails continued to grow out fully and are now clear of any fungal infection.

Mrs W had big toe and 2nd toe fungal nail infection, the pictures show the progress over 3 sessions at 9 week intervals. Significant improvement is seen at week 18 to the big toe and complete resolution to the 2nd toe. Treatment consisted of nail reduction of infected areas, micro drill and laser.

Left are pictures of Monmouth patient Mr R. His big toe had a significant fungal nail infection. Mr R had tried a number of home treatments on this nail with no success.

After the micro drill and laser treatment significant improvement can be seen after only 16 weeks.

FN A1_edited
FN A2_edited
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Mrs M had a fungal infection to her right big toe for several years before deciding to treat it. 

Again 3 pictures, the 1st shows the nail part way through the 1st treatment session where it has been thinned down prior to the laser and clearanail application.

Photos 2 and 3 show the nail at the 8 and 16 week  follow up appointments.